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Way2sms Login Register for sending free sms to India

April 3, 2012 Amit Barfa 0

A complete guide of way2sms including Way2sms login, way2sms Register and sending free sms, you will find many folds of way2sms and learn about benefits of sending free sms via way2sms. It now only helps in sending free sms but also it has got many new features like Gmail chat, yahoo chat, earning free mobile recharge etc. Keep reading…


IneedName.com – Find domain name instantly via Gtalk

March 31, 2012 Amit Barfa 1

INeedName.com allows users to find domain name search facility through globally present Google Talk which is available in Android, iPhone, Desktop. INeedName.com is yet another product from Walkover Web Solutions Pvt Ltd; they are innovative in bringing web based products like SaveandSearch.com etc. which we discussed previously.

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SaveandSearch.com – Best alternative to online notepad

February 13, 2012 Amit Barfa 0

Online notepads allows you to save information’s, but with saveandsearch.com you can not only save information but also search them with its instant search facilities. Even it has got the feature to save information in private mode which hides data from public access.