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With the cut throat competition, domain name finding is tedious task. As Internet [World Wide Web] is getting older day by day, thousands of domain names are either consumed or reserved for future use.

Domain name are as important as your business name because your website is mirror of your business. Domain name directly resembles and affect your business irrespective whether it’s an online or offline business.

As it’s well said by Dhirubhai Ambani

“Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.”

Ideas are just an ideas they can strike your mind at any time!!!

As in Domain Name business, it’s really hard to think for unique, attractive domain name with its availability over more than hundreds of tld’s [Top Level Domain]

So what you do, when a domain thought comes at your mind? Go to your provider or domain name finder website and search over there. This is bit time taking, tedious work for lazy guys like me who daily strikes with multiple ideas for domain name and wants to find there availability.  Most of time we are online with our Gmail a/c or Google Talk, so why don’t we search domain name instantly there.

We are introducing an interesting website which allows us to find domain name availability through Google Talk is yet another product from Walkover Web Solutions Pvt Ltd; they are innovative in bringing web based products like etc. which we discussed previously. allows users to find domain name search facility through globally present Google Talk which is available in Android, iPhone, Desktop.

Use of GTalk removes hinders in finding domain name search through web.

How to use

There are just two simple steps to follow for first time:

Step 1:
Add gtalk Id: to your gtalk.

Step 2:
Nothing remains!!!!  Just start using Instant Domain Search Facility.
Domain Name Finder

Benefits of using for Domain Name search-

  • Instantly Search Domain name with your Gtalk.
  • Since it’s a Gtalk based domain name search facility you can utilize this tool via Android, iPhone, tablets, desktops etc. i.e. where ever Gtalk is available you can start searching for instant domain name.
  • Keeps record of previously search domain name and you can recall them{History of Domain searched with} at any time when you need them.
  • Famous domain name finding website like and also have limitation over just 2-3 tld’s whereas facilitates domain search facility over more than 81 domain tld’s.
  • Suppose if domain name is not available at the moment, allows you to set alert for that domain and as soon as it gets available you will be notify through mail/contact no.

More Awaiting features:

  • Who is lookup for current Domain owner, Domain Expiry Date etc.
  • Domain name suggestions for unavailable domains.

Hope you enjoy, you can subscribe for updates regarding more such interesting websites.

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